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White Roses in Singapore | White Rose Bouquets in Singapore

White Roses – the symbol of purity and innocence are often preferred during the occasions associated with a “New Beginning”. Like a wedding, inauguration, a spiritual day or a festive eve! Many people across the globe like white roses after the queen of all rose colors, the Red roses. May be because of the white rose’s culture is deeply rooted into many cultures.

white roses in singapore
Keeping in mind the sensitive feelings involved, we at 9flower.com.sg – a Singapore Florist since 3 decades take utmost care in making of the white rose hand bouquets and other white rose arrangements.

You may be interested to check the hundreds of designs with the white roses perfectly suitable for many occasions. Check our ready to order white rose bouquets for wedding, bridal, new office or home and many more occasions. We make all the designs with a personal care – and for those gifts that involves personal feelings, we make gifts with a personal touch!

Check out this video made for your quick glance at a few white rose bouquets in Singapore. Don’t forget, you can also order these flowers to other countries as we have International delivery!

Buy White Roses in Singapore | White Rose Bouquets in Singapore

Happy Vesak Day – Florist in Singapore

Dear Valued Customers and well wishers, we on behalf of the www.9Flower.com.sg , wish you a very happy Vesak Day, the Birth day of Lord Buddha. We will you all a colorful eve with flowers and lights.

Order special Vesak Day Flowers @ www.9Flower.com.sg the best florist in Singapore.buddha flowers in singapore,

Mothers Day Gift ideas – Buy Mothers Day Gifts in Singapore

In a few days, on the May 11th: we are going to wake up on a very special day. The day on which you get a chance to express the peaks of love you have for your mother. Yes, its the Mothers Day!

So what are your plans? Have you decided how to surprise your mom on the special day? If yes, we appreciate for the love and care that you have for your mother. If you are still in confusion about what to gift her, and searching for mothers day gift ideas in Singapore, here are our recommendations and mothers day special offers as a florist!

                    Check out this page to “Buy Mothers Day Gifts in Singapore

mothers day gifts in singapore

Gifting an interior decorative piece, Artificial or Fresh Flowers will make your mom very happy as she likes beauty, nature and wants to keep her house with freshness of love!

Remember your mother was a child and she also like exactly the same toys and teddies that you loved when you are a kid. So, With the exciting flower bouquets , interior decorative, or celebration wine hampers, add some soft toys that your mother always liked since her childhood – make her recollect the old memories which will become the lovely gift for her!

And if you want to write a personal letter to your mother along with your siblings, here is another unique mothers day gift ideas for you… A MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE… write a loving letter to your mother that you always wanted to share with her at many times.

After all, what your mom expects from you is nothing – but love & care. So imagine, how good that may make your mother feel if you write a letter to her with all your feelings for her since childhood… isn’t it exciting?

Order now the Mothers day gifts in Singapore – also with same day delivery, which can be a surprise for your mother specially when she receives the gift?


Bonsai trees, Bonsai Plants in Singapore

Singapore is a land of unity where people from across the globe lives. Chinese occupies the major share of Singapore population compared to the other nearby nations. Hence the traditions and customs of the Chinese are also very often observed across the streets and houses of Singapore.

9flower.com.sg offers the best traditional Chinese plants & cultural flowers in Singapore.

One such beautiful native invention of Chinese that also is wide spread in the western world is the growing of Bonsai-trees. Bonsai-trees first appeared in China over a thousand years ago. Known as PUN-SAI, these early bonsai trees had very sparse foliage and gnarled trunks that looked like dragons & birds. May be, due to this very unique and impressive look, the Bon-Sai trees grabbed the attention of the entire world!

buy bonsai plants in singapore            bonsai plants in singapore online

Bonsai are not only beautiful; they help boosts mental, physical and Spiritual Health. Here are the various healthy reasons for having Bon-Sai as your indoor plant.

  •  It helps as a stress reliever when you engage in growing them and boosts your patience as the growing of Bonsai-plants is a task done with patience and care.
  • Bonsai can help you get over your cold. Plants grown indoors can help fight fatigue, coughs, and sore throats.
  • The Bonsai plants will purify the indoor Air in your house or office.

Planning to Buy Bonsai plants for your home or office? Check out the very well grown plants at 9flower.com.sg the best place to buy bonsai plants in Singapore.

Best Singapore Florist – Indoor house plants boost your physical, mental and spiritual health

The moment you think of decorating your home or office, many ideas knocks your mind. If you are nature lovers, plants are the first preferred interior decorative for you. Isn’t it? Exactly for the same reason, 9Flowers.com.sg brings you an exciting collection of plants that boosts your mental and spiritual health instantly.

Buy live plants in singapore Buy Fresh flowers in Singapore

best florist in singaporeMany a times, in spite of wanting to have plants inside house/office, people are scared of watering and maintenance of live plants. Well, if you are not lazy and have enough time and love for plants, here are some live plants which are really impressive as indoor plants.

Not just the carbon dioxide, live indoor plants can also remove toxins and pollutants around you! This will make the air in your home healthier for your family, which in turn can help to keep your family healthier which will boost your physical, mental and spiritual health as well.

Want to discover more reasons to buy live plants in singapore?

Stay tuned to the 9flower.com.sg Blog to learn more about the benefits of having live plants in your home or office.

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Buy flowers in Singapore – Buy Black Roses:

We know that the Roses are the number one choice of anyone whenever they want to send flowers to their special someone. The roses and its colors represent various expressions and convey your special feelings in a special way, especially when you choose the best suitable color combinations in the rose flower arrangements.

Learn today about the Black Roses, most often symbolizes death scene or a sad event similar to a tragic love, a friend that never returns etc. Hence, this could you the best choice if you want to convey your sympathy or feeling of being sad.

Buy Flowers in singapore    Singapore Florist

Can we Buy Black Roses for other occasion?

Absolutely yes! When you combine the black roses with the other color flowers! You can become a flower scientist and add your choice of flowers to the black roses. They can also be used as a funny flower offering when mixed with other add-on’s like teddy bears etc.