Thank you all for naming us Best Florist in Singapore this year!

best florist in singaporeYou’ve given us a great start with your tremendous orders. We’ve enjoyed meeting you during the flower delivery process and interacting with you at the very beginning of the NEW YEAR 2014.

Happy NEW YEAR 🙂

We are surprised to discover the huge international orders on our website – both, sending from Singapore and Sending to Singapore by other country people! We should say… we are lucky to be a part of thousands of happy families and their sharing of love.

What next? Getting ready for the Chinese New Year gifts and flowers in Singapore?

Stay tuned to learn about upcoming offers for Chinese new year flowers, Chinese new year gifts, Chinese new year hampers etc.,

Magic of Roses | Buy Rose Flowers in Singapore Online

You’ve witnessed how carefully we make your bouquets and hampers. Thanks for the comments and wishes. To help you choose the best flowers, for specific occasions, here we are listing the Roses available with us and their meanings, best suitable occasions etc.,

Stay Tuned to this Blog to learn about more colors in Rose Flowers. We are only listing a few for now.

Buy Red Roses in Singapore

Love Red Roses

Red Roses: Red roses, the most preferred choice of people are for obvious reasons. The Red roses express Love, Beauty, I Love You, you are something special, respect etc., 

Have someone special that you want to express your love? Buy Red Roses Hand Bouquet today.



Buy Blue Roses in SingaporeBlue Roses: As we mentioned earlier, the Blue Roses Meaning is largely debated. We, the have special designs and combination of Blue Roses for multi-occasion use.

The best time to offer Blue Roses to someone is when you want to congratulate them for achieving something important, or for the reason that you or the receiver likes Blue!


Buy Peach Roses in Singapore

Peach Roses: Peach color is often chosen as a symbol of appreciation, a get-to-gather, to clients / customers, Sincerity etc.,However, Peach color is one of the favorite colors for young girls, children and women.

If you are sending the Peach color to women, you may go ahead without any doubt! Buy Peach Color Roses in Singapore today – send flowers to singapore or send to any other country! 9Flower also serves international flower delivery!


Buy Yellow Roses in Singapore

Best Singapore Florist

Yellow Roses: Yellow represents Joy, Gladness, Friendship, Delight, Promise of a new beginning, Welcome Back, Remember Me,  Jealousy,
and “I care” message. It’s really a good choice to send Yellow Roses to Friends at with a funny note, love and caring.

Buy Yellow Roses in Singapore today – international delivery available!

That’s not all… offers more than 11 colors of Roses including Rainbow Roses.
Stay tuned to learn more about the various rose flower colors and their meanings.

Blue Roses Hand Bouquet Making | Multi Color Rose Flower Bouquets

Hi there…

How about watching a video today that will give you an understanding of how carefully we make gifts for you? Yes, we’ve something interesting for you today… the making of “Blue Roses Hand Bouquet”.

Roses come in various colors. Each color may have different fragrance, importance and specific suitability for an occasion. Just like Red Roses are the best choice to express love, Yellow for a friend’s Birthday or white at weddings… @, you can get almost any available color in the Roses.

Blue Roses bouquet

Why Blue Roses? What is the meaning of Blue Roses?

The meaning of blue roses is largely debated across the globe. There are some meanings like “a blue rose means Mistery!” Well, that might be true. But we would suggest, if you like them, or you want to give it to someone special or to someone whom you want to congratulate… just go with it!

Making of Blue Roses Hand Bouquet | Making of Rose Bouquet

Singapore Florist – Orchid Flower Arrangements | Live Orchids | Artificial Orchids

Singapore Florist – Orchid Flower Arrangements | Live Orchids | Artificial Orchids

ORCHIDS – the most beautiful & pleasant Fragrant flowers that are often chosen by people for many occasions. Orchids come in a range of colors from deep purple to bright yellow.

Orchids have different colors and different appearance which becomes more beautiful when you use them as main flowers to decorate your bouquet or Hamper. Orchids are almost suitable for any situation, any season gifts, any occasion gift. has a huge ready-to-use designs that may rightly fulfill your various needs. You may be interested to discover these Orchid Bouquets & Orchid Flower Hampers!

Don’t forget to search for the Artificial Orchids which may be of your interest, and may be very impressive as a gift, or table decoration.

A few best suitable Orchid Flower Designs are here… if you are living in Singapore, they are always available for delivery on the same day!

Orchid Wedding Flower Designs
Orchids Christmas Flowers , Orchid New Year Flowers
Birthday Orchids, etc., –

Frankly,  I cannot think of any social occasion which Orchids are not suitable for! So, go for it now… Order Orchid Flower Bouquets Online in Singapore or Send Orchid Flower Bouquets International Delivery.

Singapore Florist | Making of Honey & Carnation flower Arrangement

Have you ever wondered how we carefully make each of your gifts, hampers and bouquets? As we’ve observed many of our clients interested to know how did we make such beautiful yet personalized bouquets and hampers and how long does it take?

Well, here is one of such works that may be of your interest. Please feel free to contact our experts to discover more personalized gifts and hampers for specific occasions…

To quickly have a look at the read to by similar stuff, visit here..

Singapore Florist | Making of Honey & Carnation flower Arrangement