Best Baby Gifts Online in Singapore

Someone is expecting a new baby into their family or a baby already has arrived?
Are you excited? Want to share your excitement and happiness by sending the new baby an exciting baby gift but are confused what to send?

Here are the answers for all your questions and confusions. brings you a wide range of baby gift selections that will make the new parents very very happy! Yes, check out the best baby gifts in Singapore at and send to the new baby.

Many Baby shower Gift Ideas are designed and are readily available just a click away from here. Collection for both Infants & kids are  also available with same day delivery*

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baby boy hampers in singaporeBaby Hampers: Hampers for baby boy, hampers for baby girl are designed with very useful accessories that helps the child in many ways. Learning Toys, soft toys, towel and bedroom sets etc., are added to the hampers to make the baby hampers more special and personalized.

Well, there is a chance that you may want something more to be added to these hampers, in that case, please feel free to ask for the add-on’s or choose them in the “Add-on gifts section” on the website.

baby stroller in singapore
Babies spend a very less time in strollers, but every parent enjoy this stage. Baby Strollers are a very useful gift that every parent will love to have. This wonderful gift will help the parents to easily take the strollers out side the house for a fresh breath to the child.

At , we understand parenting. We know how important is it for you to consider various safety concerns before buying a stroller or any other gift for a kid. We choose each item with utmost care and expert help, specially when they are related to the babies.


buy baby gifts singapore
Tea Time Highchair is yet another very useful thing that every child may need during his/her early months. This will let the child learn sitting, eating and using a table.

Tea Time Highchair available at are portable and consists of safe material. Safe and comfortable padding, easy to clean seat pad, large feeding and play tray and a comfortable foot rest are some special features of these Tea Time Highchairs.



That’s not all… there are many baby gift ideas readily available for you to quickly choose and send to the newly arrived baby. Believe us, this will not just remain as a gift for the chld, but will also be very  useful for the parents as well in their parenting. You will be remembered every moment they use this special gift!

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