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Why gift your mother on Mothers Day?

Mothers day is just a few days long from now. It’s on May-11-2014 widely celebrated across Singapore and the world. In Singapore, mothers day is always made special and exciting! Almost all love children offers special mothers day gifts to their mom.! The reason behind this is the love of mother, feeling of mother has no cultures and no languages. Mother is a mother, a diving feeling of heart, and the richest love ever you would have got in life.
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Your mother gave you birth, and that was not a gift to you, but to her! You were her best and most beautiful thing ever happened. She loved you unconditionally!

She was your first teacher… she taught you how to walk, she taught you how to eat, she feeds you on time, she cares for you more than she cares for herself or anyone else in life. She had only one reason to do all this for you… and that’s her being your mother and you being her child.

So, why do you want more reasons to gift your mother? Make her day a very special day! Surprise her with the peaks of love that you always wanted to show to her.

Check out our latest video, the proud presentation of for Mothers Day.

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Singapore Florist – Office Decoration Ideas

While decorating the places around us gives us pleasure and adds beauty to the place, it also will certainly bring in a pleasant of mind and great ambiance especially when you prefer natural flowers or plants to decorate your house or office.

Office Decoration Flowers | Office Decoration Plants in Singapore

If you are a person who loves to keep your office look different and impressive than others, here are great tips for you to decorate your office. Office Decoration with Table trees, flower pots, bonsai plants etc.,

Flower pots on the table & corners of the office: this flower pots are very special which will change the entire ambiance of your office as they bring in a fresh fragrant and garden mood… buy flower pots in Singapore today to decorate your office.

Bonsai Trees / Bonsai Plants: In the growing cities and towns, it’s hard to find a place for a tree outside the house. But, with bonsai, you can have a Tree right inside your house! Yes, this trees looks no less than a big tree in appearance, however they are very small in size which lets you put them on a table or corner of the room. Want to buy bonsai trees in Singapore? Click here.

Artificial flowers: Gardening is a passion for almost every nature lover. But there are equal numbers of people who love gardening but have no time to do so. For them, artificial flowers / artificial plants and artificial trees are a boon. They do not require watering, or heavy maintenance…but will still make you feel the garden in your office. Check the below images and buy artificial trees and artificial flowers in Singapore.

artificial table pots in singaporeartificial trees in singapore

Landscaping: This is a special offering for offices by which is done by an expert team of interior decorators. Checkout how it looks and how it makes you feel. It’s a perfect garden ambiance with both, artificial and real flowers.

Checkout this latest video and discover a few office decoration ideas!

Bonsai trees, Bonsai Plants in Singapore

Singapore is a land of unity where people from across the globe lives. Chinese occupies the major share of Singapore population compared to the other nearby nations. Hence the traditions and customs of the Chinese are also very often observed across the streets and houses of Singapore. offers the best traditional Chinese plants & cultural flowers in Singapore.

One such beautiful native invention of Chinese that also is wide spread in the western world is the growing of Bonsai-trees. Bonsai-trees first appeared in China over a thousand years ago. Known as PUN-SAI, these early bonsai trees had very sparse foliage and gnarled trunks that looked like dragons & birds. May be, due to this very unique and impressive look, the Bon-Sai trees grabbed the attention of the entire world!

buy bonsai plants in singapore            bonsai plants in singapore online

Bonsai are not only beautiful; they help boosts mental, physical and Spiritual Health. Here are the various healthy reasons for having Bon-Sai as your indoor plant.

  •  It helps as a stress reliever when you engage in growing them and boosts your patience as the growing of Bonsai-plants is a task done with patience and care.
  • Bonsai can help you get over your cold. Plants grown indoors can help fight fatigue, coughs, and sore throats.
  • The Bonsai plants will purify the indoor Air in your house or office.

Planning to Buy Bonsai plants for your home or office? Check out the very well grown plants at the best place to buy bonsai plants in Singapore.

Best Singapore Florist – Indoor house plants boost your physical, mental and spiritual health

The moment you think of decorating your home or office, many ideas knocks your mind. If you are nature lovers, plants are the first preferred interior decorative for you. Isn’t it? Exactly for the same reason, brings you an exciting collection of plants that boosts your mental and spiritual health instantly.

Buy live plants in singapore Buy Fresh flowers in Singapore

best florist in singaporeMany a times, in spite of wanting to have plants inside house/office, people are scared of watering and maintenance of live plants. Well, if you are not lazy and have enough time and love for plants, here are some live plants which are really impressive as indoor plants.

Not just the carbon dioxide, live indoor plants can also remove toxins and pollutants around you! This will make the air in your home healthier for your family, which in turn can help to keep your family healthier which will boost your physical, mental and spiritual health as well.

Want to discover more reasons to buy live plants in singapore?

Stay tuned to the Blog to learn more about the benefits of having live plants in your home or office.

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Buy flowers in Singapore – Buy Black Roses:

We know that the Roses are the number one choice of anyone whenever they want to send flowers to their special someone. The roses and its colors represent various expressions and convey your special feelings in a special way, especially when you choose the best suitable color combinations in the rose flower arrangements.

Learn today about the Black Roses, most often symbolizes death scene or a sad event similar to a tragic love, a friend that never returns etc. Hence, this could you the best choice if you want to convey your sympathy or feeling of being sad.

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Can we Buy Black Roses for other occasion?

Absolutely yes! When you combine the black roses with the other color flowers! You can become a flower scientist and add your choice of flowers to the black roses. They can also be used as a funny flower offering when mixed with other add-on’s like teddy bears etc.